Chartay is a "randumb" brat who frequently Cafes and has tried to fuck dogs on multiple occasions! Chartay is a gross neurotypical who probably should be diagnosed with some parasite that makes you want to fuck a dog. Chartay used to spam the Cafe just to get attention, but now she spends all of her time looking for new countries to live in because she has been banned from over 50. Right now she is residing in an unknown country where intercourse with dogs is apparently legal! Chartay has been arrested over 230 times for trying to have sex with dogs, mostly of the golden retriever breed.

Chartay is generally seen as a notorious piece of shit due to her past and present actions, including spamming #IMADAWG literally fucking everywhere for no Goddamn reason other than to be more of a flaw in God's creation, and insulting other cafers. A more recent example of the latter is her claiming that user Ashestodust diagnosed himself with Autism in order to use it as an excuse for shitty behavior, which is both inaccurate and extremely disrespectful towards Ashestodust and those with Autism.

In conclusion; Fuck Chartay.