Info About This Mouse Edit

A player. For some reason he has many friends. The tribe he's currently in is Knights of the Blood Guild. Pretty ironic name for that guild is filled with friendly people. He does like trolling though.

How Often Is This Mouse on the Cafe? Edit

When Cookiesaiyan just realized the cafe existed, what most likely had occurred was that he had taken his time to just stalk the topics and see everyone's messages (Not much is remembered for a lot has changed over the years and mice on the cafe are absent-minded). Over time, he joined the community and started chatting. Nowadays, if the timing is right, you may see him jumping from topic to topic, reading and sending messages.

What's he Like? Edit

A mirror of how you treat him. If you treat him like shit then he'll treat you like shit. If you treat him like a friend, he'll treat you like a friend. If you treat him like a king... that may be an exception.

I Don't Have Time to Read All of the Above, Can You Quickly Sum it All Up Here? Edit

Sure. Cookiesaiyan is pretty much an average mouse that just wants to have fun on Transformice and the Cafe. But make sure you treat him like how you want to be treated.

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