Dear disgusting e2 cafers (once more)

I suggest you stop interfering with my message I left purposely for those who are immature and had thoughts and "courage" to remove my paragraph. Listen here you disgusting idiots, get a life and a hobby. And maybe some REAL friends, instead of wasting your unwanted existence on a mouse stimulation game. Honestly, get something better to do, and at least try to do your best to actually matter in reality. Do me a favor, and grow up.

Kind regards,

(and praying that you'll matter in life [not that you ever did])

- Former transformice player.

P.S: Your little server and game is depressing and an insult to all existing online games.

If you choose to remove my message, it just comes to show you are weak, and are in denial; you are wasting away your life. Goodbye.

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