Marcheridan is a user from the en2 cafe, who literally has no life. She lives on the cafe and spends most of the 12 hours in daylight on transformice.

She then continues to play at night for she has nothing better to do. She has played for approx. 32 days, 20 hours, 27 minutes and 37 seconds. (on January 19th 2017). Yet she still never gets noticed.

Marcheridan or Marchy, is typically a bit less of an asshole than your typical en2 cafer. People have said she is somewhat cringey because of her fandoms (homestuck and furry) but is tolerable and not completely awful. She can be blunt when talking to people but is typically nice and avoids doing things that are really fucking dickish.

Her topics are usually considered relatable or comedic, with the exception of fandom furry + homestuck shit every now and again or art topics. Her art is considered decent but not one of the best cafe artists. She enjoys debates and sometimes finds herself tied in ignorant drama, but is otherwise pretty reasonable.

She is the leader of a small tribe called "we love everything tig doing" and is a former member of "A cup of cafers" and other tribes.

"Fun" facts:

  • Her original account (now her alt) is called paperneptune.
  • Her brother used to own the account "Tipsykermit" and used it for trolling, before she made him stop and give it away for getting them banned.
  • When she first joined cafe she spoke entirely in fish puns.
  • Her age is constantly mistaken for how she presents herself, she is actually 13.
  • Quote from marcheridan: "Fuck, I need a life"
  • Some of her closer friends include Daisyspark and TerminallyCapricous.
  • Her posts are typically over spaced.
  • Her real name is Michaela.

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