Mass effect by Popsiclesorsomething

Mass_Effect (Formerly Cortanacamo) is a cafer who joined the e2 Cafe in April, 2015. She changed her username to Mass_Effect in August 2016 to start afresh. Known for turning the Transformice community on Cidboy.

Mass_Effect returns to the e2 Cafè every once in a while due to events going on in real life.

She has a passion for the Science-fiction genre, loves everything to do with space, has an interest in a guy that has similar likings (god bless), writes books on Wattpad, is a YouTuber, has an Xbox Live and many other social media accounts.

One of her favourite quotes is:

"Our galaxy has billions of stars, each of those stars could have many worlds, every world could be home to a different form of life, and every life is a special story of its own". -Buzz Aldrin, Mass Effect 3 Prologue.