UPDATE: Myriax has officially quit Transformice. She now only makes infrequent appearances, whenever she pleases.

Myriax (MYRanda IAn Xander) is a highly divisive member of the Transformice café (E2), one that has created an array of controversies and sparked a multitude of fights with other members.

Initially she was known for her racist attitude -- being highly derogatory towards non-blacks -- and her arrogance. As a result, she was hated unanimously by others.

However, now, she is one of the most influential and respected contributors on the café, continually creating topics that lead to dozens of upvotes and a significant number of replies.

She is perhaps most known for her poems (of the AABB form), and the vulgar humour contained within them.

Myriax is also known for her rivalries with other members, and even the moderators. She has suffered extensive mutes and bans, but claims she returns "stronger than ever" each time. Her long-standing rivalry with Missglamgirl is her most famous one, but they are now friends. She also gained popularity for revitalising a petition to get Secretive, a moderator, removed from the modding team.

Myriax lives in the ghetto of the Bronx, New York, and is criticised for her "anger issues", which stem from her having a gay father. She aspires to be a supermodel and often affirms her beauty and successes. Her profile picture is of Carla Shaw, who is part of a viral video sensation and is Myriax'a spirit animal.

Myriax sometimes refers to herself as a #bossassblackbitch.

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