• What to know

Openbubblews was an attention whore back then, but is more likely to be cringe now. Honestly, she can be a great roleplayer, and story writer, and maybe artist? But she's a self inserting, flamewar starting, little bitch that started Transformice at age 4. Most people find her "great." She's odd and weird. Also... Kinky and predictable. She thinks she's smart but she's not. She keeps telling herself not to commit suicide but, she nearly did. Twice. Edgy? On the inside. Pretty and imperfect, on the outside. Not so much pretty though. Her hair is a mess, she never does anything around the house, she's extremely emotional and gets hurt a lot. Oh yeah, she has ADHD.

In 2015 she was known for starting what she calls, the "Coralyost attack." She calls it the "incident." Openbubblews, in 2017 is more stupider than 2016 Openbubblews. More likely, she is often to be more into musicals, anime, roleplaying, and other sorts of things. Being 11, her maturity level is too high for her age. Into 6th grade,she's nothing more than a mere child. Her IQ is unknown, but more likely, is pretty low. Arould 116-118 is what she said.

Having a tad change of personality, she respects people's opinions and tries to stay away from drama. She simply can not resist the urge to know what's happening. Normally, she stalks cafe for any roleplays, but no results are shown to her pleasing.

Her favorite animator being Berd, which is why she has the icon of him. Her favorite show is VLD. Her vocaloid being Fukase. A lovely dear who plays the flute. She'd like to be referred as Mikoryfluffles, Mik, Mikory, Fluff, or anything related to that. She's a lovely nerd with the sign of the bull. Brown hair with heavy dark brown eyes. Born an raised in Arizona.