User Strauberryjam
Nickname Straub
Gender Female
Age 14
Birthday May 20th
Real Name Phebe
Affiliation Middle School
Blood Type O
Online Once every few months
Soulmate None
Joined TFM 11/24/14

About Strauberryjam

Strauberryjam is best known for her 'Learn About Cafers' slide and the Transformice Anime, 'トランスフォーミス!!', also known as 'Transformice!!', but it was cancelled and disbanded due to inactivity of the members.

Strauberryjam grew up in a town that wasn't very friendly. Her classmates used to bully and abuse her since her brother had autism, and she never really had any friends growing up.

She is one of those people that tries to be as nice as she can, although she can be really rude at times.

Action in the Cafe

Strauberryjam is normally a girl who would normally be around 1-5 in cafe topics, or else she won't post at all. Although it depends on the topic.

She normally gets around 5 likes on about 6/10 of her posts when they are inbetween 1-5.

At the moment, Strauberryjam is currently pretty inactive on the cafe. She only comes on about once every few months due to the cafe not being as "exciting" anymore, and filled with younger people than before who gets angry when you swear.


  • Strauberryjam is female (a lot of people thought she was male)
  • Strauberryjam is a Taurus
  • Strauberryjam is a weeaboo
  • Her previous soulmates are: Thefunnyninja (ex-boyfriend), and Snowywolf35
  • She first joined the cafe in the beginning of 2015
  • She has the same birthday as another cafer, Anklebits