Szardusz, born 14th March 1998 (19 years old) is a Filipino cafer who was originally Sirspoon. His real name is Zac. Szardusz is most commonly known for his Project Record Breaker topic started on December 31st at 11:27 PM. He's a very feel good person that can be joked around with while not getting offended. He's normally not very serious at all and replies with short sentences. His alts are The_nutshack, Weed69 and Sirspoon.

Szardusz, or Zac doesn't really open up about his personal life or feelings much. No one knows exactly why. Maybe it's just his persona, or something. He has a girlfriend, commonly referred to as 'filipino queen' by Ethanbooty. Szardusz, irl, hangs out with many girls and not very many males. He's had a sleepover with girls which makes him a complete loser.

Although, there are negative parts about him. Szardusz can come off as rude and the worst part is he doesn't know it. He really doesn't care about people outside his friend group and likes to keep things to himself.

ALTHOUGH, there are positive parts! Szardusz cares about his friends quite a lot and he loves the manga and show Nisekoi. He favours the blonde girl known as Chitoge. Szardusz has quite a strange sense of humour, using 'deez nuts xd' as common jokes. He doesn't use it much anymore, but he is still a great person. Make sure you know what you're going to say before you privately whisper him.

Project Record Breaker #2 scheduled week 1 of July.

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