Welcome to the Transformice Cafe Wikia!

Welcome! In the game Transformice, there is a built in area called the cafe, where you can make threads, and post on those threads (Talking to people).

This Wikia was created by Toshikeh, a Transformice user and Cafe addict.


The Cafe, like explained, is an area in Transformice where you can make threads, post comments, and talking to people. The Cafe has a shitposting community, usually people who use their freedom to great power.

Here, this Wikia is pretty much like that. Pages are threads, comments on those threads are posts, and these threads last forever.

Most of the pages on here are going to usually be about players on the cafe. (Who uses the Cafe) Many different people will be making pages, and also a bunch of random things about the Cafe!

Rules and what is allowed:

Yup, there are rules. On the Cafe, people usually don't think there are rules on there, but there are a lot. There are rules on here too, less rules, and some rules the Cafe has too. The rules are do not post gore/sex/parts (private parts). You of course are allowed to cuss and make nonsense threads, but they will eventually be deleted if not put into a proper group at some point so that this Wikia stays organized.

You are allowed to edit your pages or add special comments to other's pages. If you feel like your page is missing something when fully modified, please feel free to edit it, but don't fully edit it or it will be restored. You can make an other tab in your page if you want to add links to any games or social media profiles.


Enjoy shitposting and shit, everyone!

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