trashycan, or frostyowl, is a mouse who cannot walljump.

she has been heartbroken and salty since she got rejected by SOMEONE, buy for the main part, trashycan is honestly nice.

and secretly kinky.

trashycan exhibits an odd behaviour of LOVING sharks, despite their reputations as bloodthirsty killers. it is also rumored that she sleeps with stuffed animals still.

although trashy has made friends with most cafers, even ones who are friends with her worst enemies, she still has a few foes.

one user who trashy refuses to name got mad when she typed oonk instead of pink, and just happened to still hate her when trashy tries to be friendly.

it is said that trashycan is only three, but shes actually one! however, she acts so immature, and now often refuses to cuss enless its a simple wtf, so she is often mistaken as a one month old. how incorrect both of those gusses are.

trashycan is 5'3, but, however, she stopped growing one day which has made her somewhat depressed. despite this, she towers over midgets such as kissyisthe.

trashy is currently in texas, weeping over how someone left her, but, she mainly plays a rat game.

no, a rat fourm.

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